Monday, March 26, 2012


So my 7th period teacher asked me to write a poem and I looked back at him with a blank stare..... I HAVE NO CLUE HOW TO WRITE A POEM!.... I don't even understand what they are talking about when I read them and theres soooo many types... It can be a haiku, sonnet, epitaph, ballad, etc.... This teacher wasn't even clear on that all he said was that there had to be a simile and a metaphor... So I wrote one... It's a bit cheesy and I can already tell you its not very good... but here goes nothing...


I am fragile like a butterfly
Freshly hatched out of a cacoon.
It's wings still wet,
It's unable to fly;
I stumble and wait to spread my wings.

As I learn to fly I realize
I am free in nature
Unrestrained by pressures of fitting in
Able to roam from place to place;
The butterfly flies
From flower to flower
Unaware of others preconceptions.

As I look back on the days of my childhood
I was like a caterpillar
Still needing to mature.
As I look at my life now
I see I have transformed into
A limitless capable woman
Ready for adulthood.
Just like a caterpillar has changed into
A beautiful butterfly
Ready for the world.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Goals 4 2012

My goals so far are to finish all the classes I need to graduate and receive a diploma by the end of the semester.... I want to pass my driving test and obtain a driver's license..... lose weight before prom....get a job... and go out as much as I can as soon as I turn 18....

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

math sucks... and so do public schools...

I'm not really sure what kinds of things we should be writing for our blogs except that we have to write our interests.... but how about things that don't interest me, things that bug me, or things i don't like to do....... like math!!...... or maybe doing this blog!! (no offense Ms. Scherr)......
ugh i cant stand math especially now that my counselor decided to put me in it after not taking it for like 2 years straight... and instead of placing me in the class at the beginning of the year which i had more than enough classes to do since 3 of them were electives.... he scheduled me 4 second semester... ha ha great!.... so its obvious that now I'm COMPLETELY lost in the class..... thumbs up LAUSD!! thats why america is ranked at the very top pertaining to education ha ha!!!... or so we wish....America ranked 14TH by the OECD

Music :]

The thing that appeals to my interests the most is music =]  I cant really stress enough about how much I absolutely love it!! I like anything from metal to chicano rap you name it. If there is any kind of music I am unfamiliar with I am more than willing to listen to it. i love music mainly because it  alters emotions and because it helps people express what they feel whether its anger, sadness, or joy. When I want to get pumped up for a party or when I want something to calm me down i just listen to music.... music is the best thing that ever happened to the world and i am never giving it up.... =]


Friday, November 18, 2011

Reptiles & Science Fair =0

I was at the science fair yesterday and the best part was this section that had snakes, scorpions and other things....If you guys didn't know i love reptiles... snakes ESPECIALLY they are awesome!.... one of the snakes i held looked like the one above... I also got to see a scorpion and a rhinoceros iguana (^ above ^)  they were so cool to look at.... i seriously never understood why some people dont like these organisms they are absolutely amazing!!! =]

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

About Me

So i guess ill start off by saying that i am a senior here at James Monroe H.S.  and so far things are pretty hectic for me.  I'm too worried about what I'm gonna do after high school and apparently i cant keep up with my studies and tests right now.....i am scared of not being able to walk the stage at the end of the year because i have the worst habit.... being late..... i like to go to the beach on a hot summer day and hang out with a couple of my friends... i love animals but i think my favorite are dogs because they are the most loyal creatures and snakes because they are cool lol... I absolutely LOVE ALL kinds of music whether its classic rock, metal, jazz, blues, chicano rap, hip hop, etc. I play the guitar and the alto sax. When i was young i played the accordion for 5 years and the recorder for 1 year in elementary. i am currently part  of the Spirit Squad here at Monroe. My goals in life right now are to graduate and later go to college and get a job.

I'm hardly ever home I'm either at school or with my friends. i hate being home because i have no privacy since my mom is renting out a one bedroom apartment and my bedroom is pretty much the living room plus my step dad is always there watching t.v. in MY room and my mom always ignores me so i don't really find a reason to be there. i feel smothered around my family quiet often and the fact that i always feel so hated by them does not make things any better so i just stay out until i know they are asleep.

 my middle school years were pretty crazy i was a terrible kid in school i always got in trouble and i practically failed all my classes. family was the worst i had so many issues with them especially my mom...i just ended up moving from place to place... one day i would stay with my aunt the other couple of days with some friends then to my grandmas house and when i felt like it i would go back home in Palmdale. For a good minute i was sent to school out there it was okay i hardly ever went to school since it was so far and i still graduated. I'm not proud of the things i did when i was young but i got to admit if i  wouldn't  of gone through all of that i wouldn't have appreciated many things in life. i don't think i would have even tried to get into the Magnet or in my AP classes. so i guess I'm pretty thankful although at the time it seemed like hell on earth ha ha but hey I'm here now and that's all that matters to me..... "It's not what you have, but what you have overcame"